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Companionway doors are removable double doors crafted from waterproof material that are specifically designed as a substitute for companionway hatch boards to ease transitions between a sailboat’s cabin and deck. Starboard doors are companion way doors made of starboard plastic.

Starboard plastic doors, or starboard doors can be manufactured with an emphasis on aesthetic appeal and functionality. Companionway doors constructed from starboard plastic, or starboard doors, are perfect for sailboat upgrades and custom starboard doors can be used for installations on any recreational sailboat. Catalina sailboats offer a particular market for custom starboard doors which are often available in exclusive designs for all sizes of Catalina sailboat.

Few things are more beautiful than a pristine white bulkhead on a sunny day over the blue water. For the boat owner looking to preserve that aesthetic, white starboard plastic companionway doors are just the thing. Starboard doors can be custom constructed, often with standard black glass but companionway doors made from starboard plastic can also be made with white glass windows to keep the starboard doors on your boat consistent with that clean white look that boat owners love!

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